Looking for smart combinations of 3D printing technology: purmundus challenge at formnext 2017

Looking for smart combinations of 3D printing technology: purmundus challenge at formnext 2017

The purmundus challenge 2017 now has a theme: “Fusion – 3D printing intelligently combined”. This competition is once again teaming up with formnext powered by tct to invite the creative minds out there to enrich our lives with their ideas for innovative 3D-printed products. The purmundus challenge is geared toward designers, engineers, and programmers, including those from universities, design agencies and studios, start-ups, and SMEs.

A new challenge: making everyday opposites attract

This year’s competition is looking for innovative models that use 3D printing to present new possibilities in our high-tech daily lives and bring them closer to reality through more “human” applications.

Here, the main hurdle facing those who enter the purmundus challenge 2017 will be coming up with sensible ways to combine seemingly averse material characteristics and methods – analog and digital, additive and subtractive, hard and soft, and so on.

Meanwhile, an international Jury (comprising market experts representatives from prominent industrial companies and Research institutes) will be evaluating more than just the complexity and versatility of each Submission; the main criteria will also include design, relevance, level of Innovation, and economic and social potential. The purmundus challenge 2017 also encourages those interested to submit procedures and materials that have not yet broken through, are currently still undergoing research, or have not yet been invented. 

The submission deadline is 30 September 2017.

Attractive prizes await

At the next formnext exhibition and conference (14 –17 November 2017) in Frankfurt am Main, the year’s competition entries will be on display in the purmundus challenge area. The 2017 awards, which include a total of € 6,000 in cash and other attractive prizes, will then be presented at a ceremony scheduled for 16 November. Rounding out the purmundus challenge will be this year’s audience prize, the winner of which will be determined over the course of formnext 2017 by its attendees.

Outstanding value for visitors and exhibitors

For formnext visitors and exhibitors alike, the purmundus challenge offers exciting ideas and insights into how the creative use of new technologies can shape our future and usher in long-term improvements in our daily lives. The participants and the innovations they present thus provide inspiration for the development of new products and market concepts based on additive manufacturing methods.

To learn more about this competition and access a direct link to submit your idea, please visit formnext.com/purmundus_challenge.

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